Covid-19  Response - Tour Credits


COVID19 Update -  January 2022

2022 is the last season to utilize any 2020 or 2021 Tour Credits due to Covid Cancellations.
Tours Booked after January 1, 2022 will have a one-year covid credit period. Should a tour be booked in 2022 and not be possible owing to Covid Travel Restrictions (Implemented by an Official Organization)  the Booking Fee will be extended to a  credit period for a similar tour offered by Kynoch for One Year; valid through Sept 30, 2023. This booking fee remains non-transferable and non-refundable as stated at the time of payment.  All cancellations or requests for a Booking Fee extension (up to Sept 30 2023) must be received in writing via e-mail 30 days prior to scheduled  departure date and must identify the Restricting Regulation to remain valid. All booking credits are based on tour availability and are on a first Come First Served re-booking basis. Bookings for 2023 will be open on November 1, 2022.  This Credit is for Travel Restrictions only, and is not applicable to any other reason for cancellation. This only affects the 25% Booking Fee.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon in Bella Coola Valley.
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