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Kynoch  Adventure Tours was founded in 2002 by local guide and biologist Fraser Koroluk, who from 2004 to 2016 also owned and operated Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. Kynoch Adventures is the longest owned and operated adventure tour company in Bella Coola, and the only tour operator focusing solely on ecological interpretive tours and bear viewing tours for guests visiting Bella Coola Valley (we are not ski guides or fishing guides, we are bear guides and rafting professionals from the area). Our goal is to ensure a sustainable wilderness experience sfor visitors, with protection of the natural environment and consideration for the animals and people that call Bella Coola Valley home.  Locally owned and operated in the second generation of offering exceptional tours and experiences. Former Lodge Owner Les Koroluk (Fraser's Father) is still actively guiding bear and raft tours!
Kynoch Adventures offers tours for guests from any accommodations, campgrounds or other visitors to Bella Coola Valley ! Bear viewing tours,wilderness eco rafting tours, hiking and ecological interpretive tours in the Great Bear Rain Forest are our specialty!

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grizzly bear and cub on bear viewing tour with Kynoch Adventures in Bella Coola BCLearn about Bear Ecology!
Our grizzly bear viewing tours are meant to be informative! Ecological significance of grizzly and black bears and their relationship to wild salmon and the ecosystem of the Great Bear Rain Forest are the topics discussed.
  alpine hiking in Bella Coola with Kynoch AdventuresAlpine & Valley Hiking
Guided hiking tours are offered seasonally in Bella Coola valley. With options for alpine access (seasonal) or bear habitat and viewing tours on the valley floor in Tweedsmuir Park , to watch for grizzly and black bears.
  eco rafting on Bella Coola River, raft tour with Kynoch AdventuresEco Rafting Bella Coola River
Eco Rafting is a perfect river tour for groups to learn about coastal ecology of the Great Bear Rain Forest and see wild salmon, eagles, small mammals, birds and occasionally black or grizzly bears along the Bella Coola River. 
  bear viewing giuests with Kynoch Adventure Tours on Bella Coola BC Bear Watching Atnarko River
Grizzly Bear watching tours are among our most popular activities in the fall, when bears and salmon abound in coastal watersheds. Bear viewing tours are  based on  the pristine Atnarko river, where rafts float silently among the fishing bears.


Visit Bella Coola BC Canada for an extraordinary grizzly bear watching wilderness tour or other exciting wildlife experiences in the great bear rain forest. Bella Coola is only a 1 hour flight north of
Vancouver British Columbia and lodging, accommodations and all transfers can be arranged through our partners at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge.


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