Policies & Waiver


Tour Meeting Points (NEW)

Effective 2020, Guests will meet at the following locations to sign in for their tours. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Transportation to the meeting points is the responsibility of the guest. Your own car is recommended, or a rental car if required. Kynoch Adventures can no longer offer transportation to the designated meeting points. Shuttle Vans will be used only from the meeting point to the boat launches or trail heads as required on tours.
Having your own vehicle is mandatory for Bear Tours, the Fisheries Pool meeting point is 42 km east of Hagensborg. 

Eco Rafting, June through August 14 - Meet at Kynoch Office, 1896 Hwy 20.
Bear Viewing Tours, August 15 to October 15- Meet at Fisheries Pool Campground, South Tweedsmuir Park.
Hiking or Other Tours - Inquire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Information & Frequently Asked Questions follow this link to a PDF file of information to help you prepare for your tour! This file will answer specific questions of what to bring, and what to expect on our most popular tours. We recommend you review further policies described below, which provide more specific details as well. Also take a moment to review our Waiver at the bottom of this page.

Reservations for Tours

Reservations are required to ensure inclusion in any tour. A valid Credit Card and a booking fee equivelant to 25% (non-refundable) will be required to secure a tour reservation. the 25% booking fee charges are applied to the credit card at the time of booking, however, Cancellation charges described below may result if tours are cancelled in time frames described (see below).

Reservations must be confirmed in writing (email) with the confirmation number given by Kynoch Adventures to the Guest. Guests arriving without reservations will be required to inquire of trip availability a minimum of three hours before the tour departure. There are no guarantees a guest without a valid reservation can join any given tour as a 'drop in' without a reservation.

Accepting the terms of the reservation, binds the guest to the terms of Cancellation as described below.


A booking and handling  fee equal to 25% of the entire booking will be charged at time of tour confirmation. Once applied this Booking Fee is 100% non refundable for any reason, including travel restrictions, environmental issues, wildfire closures  or water levels. Final Cancellation of tour for the remaining 75% of the applicable fee must be made 14 days in advance of the tour date. Any booking cancelled within 14 days of the tour Date will be subject to additional fees of no less than 50%.

Kynoch Adventures will charge a 25% non-refundable charge to your credit card to confirm your booking in advance of your arrival. The remaining 75% Balance will be sent to you 30 days in advance of departure, and will be DUE in full 14 days in advance of tour departure. The Balance is only refundable to 50% of balance with receipt of notification 72 hrs in advance of tour departure. Cancellations within 72 hrs are 100% non-refundable. The 25% deposit is non-refundable, non transferable, and may only be used as a credit for the same traveler re-scheduling a tour, based on availability within 30 days of the original booking date.

Travel Restrictions are full closures of all access points as mandated by the Province of BC.  Where a guest chooses not to travel when routes and regions are open, and travel permitted, cancellation will be at the guests discretion and may be subject to Cancellation Fees. 
In the unlikely event that Kynoch Adventures must cancel a tour owing to operational issues or overbookings, Kynoch Adventures will offer a full refund and endeavor to make alternate tour plans for the guests to our greatest extent possible. Owing to weather, river, safety and wilderness conditions, it is feasible that alternative tours may not be available. 

GROUP TOURS - Any Tour for six (6) or more guests will be subject to a 180day cancellation period. Upon booking a group of six (6) guests, a 50%  deposit will be required. Where there is a cancellation within 180 days the tour date this deposit is non refundable. Where cancellation is received prior to 180 days of the scheduled tour, a 40% refund will be processed (less a 10% handling fee).

Natural Disaster/Climate Change

In a changing world environment, Kynoch Adventures cannot be responsible for disaster such as Wildfire, Flood, Heat Waves, Landslides, Road Closures, Flight or Ferry Cancellations, BC Parks Policies, Political Unrest, or Pandemic, etc. . In the unfortunate event of these hazards causing a tour cancellation, or guest inability to arrive in Bella Coola. Kynoch Adventures will Not Issue a Refund, but will offer a credit for a two year (2) period from the original booking date. It is recommended travelers purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance if this Policy is of concern. Refunds will not be issued.


Kynoch Adventures puts safety ahead of all operating factors. It remains the right of Kynoch Adventures to cancel, delay, postpone or alter the route, time, destination or length of any trip where the guides, staff or management of Kynoch Adventures feel it is required for safety. Where trips are cancelled and do not depart because of safety issues, there will be no charge to the guests beyond the initial Booking Fee. Where trips do depart, but are for some operational reason are altered, or shortened owing to safety or other issues that may arise during the trip, reimbursement to a maximum of 100% may be considered based on individual scenarios as assessed by Kynoch Adventures managers.

Personal equipment including cameras or electronic equipment may be carried on tours by guests at their Own Risk. Kynoch Adventures, its guides, administrators, staff or managers, take no responsibility or accept no claim of damages to personal equipment brought with guests on any tours.


All children under 19 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on tours. That parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver and accept responsibility of the child on any tour or activity offered by Kynoch Adventures. Children under 5 years old are not permitted on any of the water based activities. Children under 15 years are not permitted on the Small Group Bear viewing tours, as these are adult oriented tours. Children from 5 years to 15 years and their parents or guardians must reserve a Private Bear Tour.

Children requiring a car-seat for vehicle transport must have such a seat available with them if they are to be transported in Kynoch Adventures' tour vehicles.


Pets are not permitted on any of Kynoch Adventure's tours. It is the pet owners responsibility to find appropriate boarding or other services for pets while on a tour. Kynoch Adventures is not responsible for pets  left unattended in cars at the parking lot  of Kynoch Adventures, and this is not recommended.

Photo Release (Consent)

Guests, guides, volunteers, or any person deemed a 'Client' of Kynoch Adventures agree that any photographic images collected, or given in any way to Kynoch Adventures from the trip that the client was participating on may be used by Kynoch Adventures for advertising, publicity or any form of social media. Participating in the tour infers consent to use images, including images portraying recognizable persons.


Smoking is not permitted on the premisis or property of Kynoch Adventures and there is no smoking permitted during tour activities, including periods of groups being ashore during raft trips. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas that may be present at BC Parks or other facility parking areas. There is no smoking permitted on riverbanks, in boats, or on trails.

Food & Beverages

Eco-Rafting & Alpine Hiking Tours: Guests are not permitted to bring food or beverages (other than water) on  tours without first consulting their guide.
Bear Viewing Tours (boat or land based): No Food or Drink (other than water) is permitted  on any bear tours.

Ecological Sustainability & Guide Practices

Ecological sustainability is paramount to ensuring a quality trip for the guests while protecting the environment. It is guides discretion and judgment as to how this will be enacted during each tour. In regards to wildlife viewing, it is the absolute authority of the guide to set the distances guests will be to wildlife and the time permitted to viewing wildlife. Under no circumstances will ecological integrity be compromised to extend the apparent viewing quality of wildlife. Please do not ask your guide to get closer when they have established a distance to view wildlife. Guests not adhering to or respecting guidelines set out by their guides will be removed from the tour with no refund and not be permitted to participate in other tours offered by Kynoch Adventures. Owing to the nature of wilderness tours, under no circumstances does Kynoch Adventures guarantee wildife sightings on any specific tour.


All guests will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability prior to participating on any Tours or Activities provided by Kynoch Adventures. A copy of our Waiver is available for your review prior to arrival.  Waivers may be signed at the Kynoch Office on arrival, prior to tour departure. The link below will take you to our Waiver.

Download our PDF Waiver here

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